R. Wayne Ezelle, Jr., Ph.D.


As I have always held a passion for geology and commerce, I have an educational background which melds the two subjects but, is diverse in that my education gives an exciting mix which is beneficial to not only myself but, to those which have been associated with me in both energy and non-energy ventures. I have a B.S. in geology, a MBA in strategic leadership, and a PhD in Business Administration with an accounting/finance research emphasis.


I am a registered professional geologist, and have been intimately involved in the energy industry for many years as a company owner, consultant, expert witness, venture participant, and in numerous other capacities. I have been fortunate to have performed geological, reserve, and economic analysis in Africa, Europe and North America. I have created the financial structure for many projects as well as performed M&A work as a consultant or principle.


I have taught industry courses in subsurface geological mapping. I was engaged one semester as a guest lecturer in petroleum geology in a Master of Petroleum Engineering program. MBA courses I teach or have taught include Accounting for Decision Making, Issues in Managerial Accounting, Non-Profit and Government Accounting, Financial Principles and Management, Investments and Portfolios, Capital Budgeting, Global Finance, Strategy and Planning.

Increasing my knowledge base in the liberal arts and sciences, social sciences, and commerce has been very important to me since a very early age. I take a great deal of pleasure in disseminating knowledge to others whether in a classroom setting, an online university class, individually, or in the various other venues where I have given talks about leadership. Even more important, is to see the “ah ha” look that someone gives when something clicks and the big picture comes into view.

Academic and professional memberships

American Accounting Association, American Finance Association, American Institute of Professional Geologists, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists


The purpose of this blog is more so a reflection of the thinking and growth I have experienced as a petroleum geologist, a business person, and professor. It is my sincere desire that you will find something useful which will save you time, money, or heartache and short circuit those experiences for your betterment.